PhD Seminar

The department periodically organise a seminar of PhD student where they present their current work, their science activities and their future work. 

The resumes of their work can be downloaded here: XI.2016, XI.2017, II.2019


PhD seminar 2019

On 08.02.2019 the 3rd PhD seminar in department CST took place. Eight participants have presented their work and their future plans in science. After the presentation all participants took place in a discussion together with the guests and academicals. The topic of the discussion was "Making PhD in Engineering in the presence of ICT market rise"!

seminar poster


Real-time tweets of the temperature in Plovdiv


PhD position in "Uncertainty in Computer Vision" - Oxford Brookes University - Dr Fabio Cuzzolin


Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment

Oxford Brookes University – PhD Studentship

 The Department of Computing and Communications Technologies at Oxford Brookes University is pleased to offer a three year full-time PhD Studentship to a new student commencing in June 2014. The successful applicant will receive an annual bursary of £10,000 for three years (with no inflation increase) and the fees will be paid by the Universty.

New Web site of department CST

This week a design and development of the brand new site of the department CST had been started. This will be a place for the lecturer and assistants ot add information abou their scientiffic interests and taught subjects. 
Here the students can find the information they need to proceed their study and training. 
And, finally, a feorum will be starde for teh students and teachers to share they toughts, ideas, materials and fun :-)

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