About Us

Department of Computer systems and technologies is established in the spring of 1993. The training of students in the field of computer technology began in 1985. The first regular class was accepted in 1987. The three-level education was first introduced in 1998. The first bachelors graduated in 2002, and the first masters – in 2003.

The mission of Computer systems and technologies department is to to prepare qualified staff for the industry, communications, transport, commerce, finance, management, and all other areas in which IT is applied.

There are currently 16 lecturers, including 2 professors, 8 associate professors, 4 PhD assistant and 2 assistant professors. The curricula and programs are prepared according to the requirements of the Technical University of Sofia and their content is in line with the leading universities around the world. The staff of the department works in cooperation with the big employers in the field and the country, as well as with colleagues from other universities, in order to synchronize the actuality of the taught disciplines and the courses held.