Development of innovative System for digital processing and storage of accounting data Digital Safe Accounting

Funding: Innovations and Competitiveness 2014-2020

Duration: 24.10.2018 – 24.10.2020

Brief description:

The overall objective of the project is to increase the competitiveness and innovation capacity of AMMS-ACCOUNTING MARKET-MASTER SERVICE LTD by developing an innovative integrated process based on a web application allowing the automation of the accounting process.

The following specific objectives are planned in order to achieve the main goal of the project, t:

– To ensure the necessary technological infrastructure to develop and test the innovation system by providing the software and hardware equipment necessary for prototyping;

– To develop and test the functionality and reliability of a prototype system in different configurations and parameters;

-To solve the problem with data reliability impeding such systems application on practice through development of a system of integrity security.

The project activities are related to the development and testing of an innovative integrated process for the automation of the accounting process. As a result of the implementation of the project, the company is expected to gain a significant market advantage and increase its ability to service foreign customers and increase the sales and market share of the company, improve customer service as well as penetrate new markets in the EU.

The proposal is fully in line with the objective of the current procedure and the identified thematic areas of the ISIS – ICT and Informatics, aiming to use new opportunities in relation to outsourcing and ICT-based services and systems, with the implementation of the project leading to the development of an innovative a world-class service with significant technical and functional characteristics over alternative market-like ones.

Staff TU:

  • prof. eng. Grisha Spasov, PhD
  • assoc. prof. eng. Nikolay Kakanakov, PhD
  • assoc. prof. eng. Dilyana Budakova, PhD
  • assoc. prof. eng. Ivaylo Atanasov, PhD
  • assoc. prof. eng. Mitko Shopov, PhD
  • assist. prof. eng. Boris Ribov, PhD
  • assist. eng. Nikolay Nikolov


Coordinator (TU): prof. eng. Grisha Spasov, PhD